You'll walk away with...

"Understanding the 6 steps in growing your business in detail; helping identify the areas we can improve in our business"

F Raja - Multifarious

"Reminding me to put my goals first and establishing more structure into the business"

A Jovanovic - NexGen Business

"Understanding aspects that can improve the key areas to gain repeat customers"

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Take Your Business From 'Good to Great'

Personal Perspective

Donnie our lead business coach understands both the bird’s eye view through to the actual plans that deliver real solutions to business problems.

He has a natural ability to align others to be part of the overall journey and has a strong desire to help others to reach their true potential, whilst also having fun along the way. 

In his spare time he is known to be helping people in his local community and his passion has always been to travel the world experiencing new cultures.

His ultimate goal is to work in every industry, across every size of business be it small or medium to large and to promote a successful network of likeminded people who are keen to ‘pay it forward’ and in the words of Mahatma Gandhi “be the change
you want to see in the world”.

He is driven by one main thing, which is 'results', and he drives his clients to achieve results they once only dreamed of. This is a two way process and his reputation depends on his clients being successful.

  • energy, vision and focus for the next level in your business

  • take-home strategies to build your profits right away

  • the skills and tools to get more done in less time

  • networking with like minded business professionals

  • expertise, knowledge, marketing concepts, sales promotions and profit building strategies

  • a fun environment to learn and share experiences and ideas

Here’s what to expect...

"Donnie was enthusiastic and engaging"

Lucinda - Pure Beauty

During the seminar Donnie Dhillon, our lead business coach, will give you the chance to step out of your business and get focused. You will walk away with concrete ideas on how to increase your business profits, make your team more effective and get a grip on your time management.

This practical seminar will give you a clearer direction and new tools to achieve your goals faster with tried and tested strategies from our partner ActionCOACH which is used by over 1000 business coaches around the world and on tens of thousands of businesses across every industry.

Tuesday 30th May

"The most valuable part was understanding about the business system. It also re-enlightened my desire to push more in this business and take actions"

M Aiken - Highbury Road Natural Spice

"I found the 6 steps and understanding how this could be achieved valuable. Aim to be an entrepreneur"

J Sodha - ProcurementCo

"Clarity on systemisation and team building"

J Ware - WePop

"Strategies for business growth, customer journey and business journey"

A Pemberton - Hubbadeal

Proven Track Record of Success
- Donnie worked in a family business from a young age followed by running his first business at the age of 15 through to excelling during his education and professional career whilst helping and mentoring others to reach their true potential. 

- While working long hours himself working 'in' the business Donnie realised he needed to work 'on' but business to achieve the goals he had set. Through helping others to achieve success, he developed a passion to work with SME's to help reverse the negative trends of the high failure rates and support growth in this critical business sector. 

- He has also successfully set up and run two companies one of which he later sold, as well as worked with many SME’s and blue chip organisations such as GlaxoSmithKline, AT&T, Nortel Networks, BT and Marks and Spencer and in positions of increasing responsibility and business impact.

- Donnie was awarded by the CEO of GSK for being the youngest director at the age of 27 where he managed an £8m portfolio of projects and saved over £2m in a year through setting up shared services and driving standardisation across the European region.

- His last major project whilst in his professional working career was the engagement and programme lead in the development and delivery of Marks and Spencer’s £70m new multi-channel online retail solution, with a turnover of £800m / year.

~ ​Come along and learn the REAL Secrets to a Successful Business ~

"Presentation was pitch perfect. Outlined information on how to grow your business - very knowledgeable and worthwhile attending"

H Hirani - St James Place

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Learn how to increase your profits by 61%

"Getting to know how to drive a business, develop a structure to your business for growth"

P Malec - Paul The Painter

  • 6 Steps to Better Business - to increase your profits by 61% that successful businesses use

  • 7 Keys to a Winning Team – Without a great team, you can only play 'small'. These 7 keys will get you the winning team you need to play at a whole new level.

  • 5 Ways to Massive Profits – When was the last time you drove your profits up 61%? We will share the '5 Ways' formula proven to uncover hidden profit!

  • 4 Key Areas to Leverage – What if you could be more profitable while doing 'more with less'? 4 essential areas to systematize in your business.

  • Vision/Mission and Culture – How these affect your business and how to get them moving the whole business forward.

"Understanding the six steps to a better business and learning what those steps are has helped me reflect where my business is and where it could be"

A Pemberton - Socios Media

Who is Donnie Dhillon? 

1pm to 5pm

"Helped me take a step back and think about how my business is currently running"

K Dowling - Post+Packing

PAst seminar feedback....

"Knowing that giving structure to any business can be done following the same formulas"

H Mohammad - Multifarious

Not only a great networking event - but also a chance to step out of your business and get focused on exploring how you can you can take your business to the next level - creating a business that can could work with out you. 

CoWork Hub​, Newcombe House

43-45 Notting Hill Gate London, W11 3LQ

"Very professional presentation"

H.Vartanian - Ealing Properties

Growing a business brings challenges. How you deal with the challenges and related growing pains is the difference between success and failure.

This is a power-packed seminar where you will learn how other business owners are growing their profits through ActionCOACH.

Join hundreds of other businesses who have worked with ActionCOACH! Learn the 6 Secrets to a Successful Business and experience for yourself how this can easily be impelmented in your business.

"Putting everything in order in my head"

J Kosiec - FX7 Solutions Ltd

  • Learn the Six Secrets to grow your business that many successful businesses use.

  • 7 Keys to a Winning Team – Without a great team, you can only play 'small'. These 7 keys will get you the winning team you need to play at a whole new level.

  • 5 Ways to Massive Profits – When was the last time you drove your profits up 61%? We will share the '5 Ways' formula proven to uncover hidden profit

  • 4 Key Areas to Leverage – Do 'more with less' and still be profitable. 4 essential areas to systemise your business for sustainable growth and success.

+44 (0)20-7078-3998

"Recognition of missing aspects of business"

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