Are you driving your business, or is it driving you?

A ActionCLUB Group Coaching cycle consists of EIGHT powerful sessions spread over 4 months. Each month there are two session each comprising of a 3 hour session spread two weeks apart in a given month. In between sessions, materials and support is provided to embed the learning in your business and ensure each module is effectively implemented in your business. The follow are the modules:

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What is ActionCLUB?

Who should enroll in our ActionCLUB?

ActionCLUB is a program that builds a strong foundation for business around ALL the key fundamentals of business.

It is a rolling program of group sessions and accountability sessions that will lead you through the key components of running a success business. You can pop in when you want and cover any elements again as long as you complete all sessions.

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Session 1 - Business Fundamentals: 

Session 2 - Generating Great Cashflow: 

Session 3 - Streetwise Marketing: 

Session 4 - Sales Success: 

Session 5 - Team & Leadership: 

Session 6 - Systems for Business: 

Session 7 - Finance Mastery:

Session 8 - Pulling It Together: 

"It’s the most practical, dynamic, and profitable business, sales and marketing program you’ll ever invest in"

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It’s unfortunate that most business owners end up being driven by their businesses rather than the other way around. In fact, instead of directing their businesses, they simply have a job.

Here’s another shocking statistic: less than one in every 100 business owners will ever create the wealth, lifestyle or level of success they are after.

Do you want your business to be the one that bucks the trend, or will it end up being left languishing with the other 99 that are continually struggling to get ahead?

If you are tired of simply surviving in business and are ready to take more cash, win more deals, dramatically improve your bottom line and, to put it bluntly, get your business back on track, then ActionCLUB is for you.

ActionCLUB is the most practical, dynamic and profitable business, sales and marketing program you’ll ever invest in.

​Your business is either growing or dying. . .

How serious are you about your business?

In business, just as in life, you can’t stand still. You’re either getting ahead and growing or you’re in a downward terminal spiral. Just look at the statistics, which indicate around 80% of all new businesses will fail within the first two years.

The key to long-term survival is to focus on the direction you want your business to move in, and then to gather momentum to begin the journey. There simply is no alternative if you’re serious about remaining in business.

  • If you miss one session, you can do the session in the next cycle.
  • If you would like to repeat a session, you can do that in the next cycle.
  • You can bring different team members to the sessions (max. 2 participants per company).
  • You can start at any session, and complete the cycle, as long as you complete all 8 sessions.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If you give your 100% participation and if you still don't feel you got enough value from ActionCLUB, we will refund your money in full and you can KEEP all the material. Now that's risk free!

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  • Trades People
  • Self Employed professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
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